Benched, Part 2


It pains me — really pains me — that I can’t publish this rough strip. But I pretty much knew it as soon as I wrote it.


As my editor and I talked, he pointed out that the first two panels are fine. Same-sex parenting can (and should, in my opinion) be discussed. It’s the third panel that kind of reduces the whole thing. I get that.

But, dammit, it’s still funny. And that’s what pains me the most.

Thank goddness for the blog. At least I have a platform for this. I’m sure more benched ones will be coming. Maybe even enough to start a web comic.



8 thoughts on “Benched, Part 2

  1. So what, specifically, is the issue? Declaring another person a transgender lesbian? The mere mention of the term “transgender lesbian?” Can you tinker with the 3rd panel to make it more acceptable? Because I agree that this is a good funny strip and I think it’s unlikely to ruffle feathers. Since at it’s heart it’s LGBT friendly.

  2. I agree with Roz Warren, I think it might be possible to tweak the third panel so that it could run. But you might need to find an LGBT consultant with comics experience to advise on the best wording. Do you think perhaps it would be worth emailing a copy to Ms. Bechdel to get her thoughts on the matter?

  3. Gee, I know you re trying to be helpful, but I believe Teri does a super job of editing her own ideas. This strip has been my favorite for a long time. Now, if we could only convince her to start a “web comic”, it would be great!

  4. Bob, I’m very sorry if I left the wrong impression with my previous message. I wasn’t trying to question whether Ms. Libenson was doing a good job of editing her own strips – I agree with you, she’s fantastic at that! Pajama Diaries is one of the three strips I check every single morning in order to start my day with a smile. I think the strip is consistently well-written, funny, imaginatively drawn, and true to life.
    No, I was responding solely to her expression of frustration that a truly funny strip couldn’t run because of its content, by suggesting that a consultation with an expert in that particular field might help her find a way to make it “runnable”. Again, no criticism implied! 🙂

  5. Why not? I’ve been doing my web comics for years when I realized no syndicate was ever going to sign me on, regardless how good my material is (even the so-called “safe” stuff).

    Go for it, Terri! 🙂

  6. Wow, I can’t believe I just saw all these posts. Sorry I’m late to the party. Anyway, you have to understand that any kind of “sensitive” subject can make the strip prone to being booted out of a paper, especially if it’s a conservative paper. It happened to Lynn Johnston when she introduced a gay character. Not that I think LGBT subjects shouldn’t be addressed. I do. I just think I need to find a better way of going about it, and my editor and I both agreed this wasn’t it. But it certainly sparked some future ideas… -Terri

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