Early Mother’s Day plug

For all you folks up north, The Toronto Star is selling copies of my book “Having It All” along with books by my fabulous cohorts in cartooning, Sandra Bell-Lundy (“Between Friends“), Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott (“Baby Blues“), and Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman (“Zits“).

Check out the full ad (enlarged order form to print below):



You can also order a signed copy of my book on my store page. Either way, a perfect Mother’s Day gift — snag ‘em while you can!


The things we do…

Two weeks ago, a Sunday strip ran that readers seemed to like. Here it is:

SUN_MomsDo_sampleI realized in hindsight I should have saved it for Mother’s Day. But that’s okay, I came up with another one I like (stay tuned).

Anyway, it was fun creating the scenarios in this strip. I just thought of little things I do that my husband definitely doesn’t. The original idea came from a moment of breathing in and sneezing out t.p. dust. Why no one else ever bothers to un-stick that first square is beyond me. Maybe because I’m the only one who changes the roll.

As for the other things:

I do cry at milestone events. Not in a blubbery way, but in a quietly nostalgic “my-baby-is-growing-up” way. I really have cried at every stupid elementary and middle school graduation. I will cry when my older daughter drives (for many reasons). Bat Mitzvahs? Forget it. I will even cry when my younger kid’s feet grow larger than mine (but that’s because I won’t be able to wear her Uggs anymore).

Lunch notes? Check. To my credit, I got tired and stopped doing this halfway through kindergarten.

Eye goop wipe? Check. My kids say I don’t do this, but I think they just block it out.

Two-hour monologues? Check. Every. Freaking. Day. I think I’ve run through the entire Star Wars trilogy in my mind at times like these.

The baby wipe swipe? Check. I need to always be productive, even during red lights. Yes, I have a problem.

And, of course, completing the to-do list on my way to bed. If I wasn’t obsessive-compulsive detail-oriented before kids, motherhood totally threw me over the edge.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, maybe not the anal-retentive stuff, but everything else, for sure. Okay, maybe not the t.p. Or the eye goop. Okay, I would LIKE to have it any other way, but most likely it won’t happen.

So I’ll just suck it up and keep doing what I do pretty well…being a mom.