Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

I’ll be presenting next Saturday, September 27, at the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning. If you live near the area (yes, I’m also talking to you, Chicagoans), come join us! There’s an incredible lineup of speakers among other great events, like a live charity auction, comics exhibits, receptions, panel discussions, and kids’ cartooning classes. Best of all, the events are FREE. Check it out here.

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Benched, Part 2

It pains me — really pains me — that I can’t publish this rough strip. But I pretty much knew it as soon as I wrote it.


As my editor and I talked, he pointed out that the first two panels are fine. Same-sex parenting can (and should, in my opinion) be discussed. It’s the third panel that kind of reduces the whole thing. I get that.

But, dammit, it’s still funny. And that’s what pains me the most.

Thank goddness for the blog. At least I have a platform for this. I’m sure more benched ones will be coming. Maybe even enough to start a web comic.