Hey Clevelanders, get your book for the holidays!


This Sunday I’ll be selling and signing books at Temple Emanu El in Cleveland from 10-4 at their annual Chanukah Boutique. Last year was a huge success…let’s top it. Free and open to the community. Great opportunity for holiday shoppers of all faiths. http://www.teecleve.org/calendar/tee-happenings.php


One thought on “Hey Clevelanders, get your book for the holidays!

  1. Cleveland to Florida, a piece of cake. Here was our secret to drive 24 hours straight through many times in the 70s and 80s from Chicago to Ft Lauderdale with my wife and 4 boys, packed into in a station wagon or a 4 door car..
    1. My wife packed the car on Friday with a cooler, sleeping bags and blankets in back.
    2. Leave by 6 PM, immediately after I got home from work,
    3. Eat prepared sandwiches for supper on the road
    4. Let the kids do their thing in back (no seat belt laws then and no video games, cell phones etc) with an occasional threat, “I’ll stop the car if you don’t behave,” until they fell asleep.
    5. Drive through the night, switch drivers at each gas stop and wake the kids for a potty break.
    6. Big breakfast at about 8 AM. and lunch at about 1 PM. Boys played “license plate” games, sang “Avenu Malkaynu” (my driving song), read comic books …… and fought. More “I’ll stop the car if you don’t behave.”
    7. Arrive around 6 PM on Saturday at their grandparent’s home.
    8. Leave the boys to drive their grandparents crazy and go out to dinner with friends
    9. Sleep late on Sunday
    10. Reverse the trip on New Years eve and we even gained an hour going to the Central time zone..

    Yes, we were still able to go out to dinner after 24 hours on the road. I’m 75 now and still able to drive 14 hours straight from Boca Raton to Nashville to see a grandchild without asking my wife to drive (she’s a speeder).

    I really appreciate the Jewish character of your strip as well as its humor. Your daughter’s bas mitzvah may be the first contact with Jewish customs that many people have. Thankfully, each of my 4 sons had a good singing voice and was well drilled by tyhe cantor and me, so I was really able to say the traditional “You did a good job” after they sang their haftorah portion. My wife handled the party planning and overnight guests with only an occasional breakdown.

    We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary on Nov 18 on a cruise with the entire family..

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