L-L-L…nope, can’t say it

Aside from, well, real emergencies, there’s probably nothing else that horrifies parents quite like the “L” word. No, no, not that “L” word. I’m talking about:
Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with these ghastly creatures from hell (or from other kids’ hats and combs). But I’ve heard enough horror stories to know when I’ve got a relatable topic. For this series, I talked to several friends and consulted blogs and articles. I have only one word: YEEEECCCCHHHH.
In some cases, I read that parents would get rid of the pests, only to discover that they’ve returned with a vengeance. This is after disinfecting every household possession and shaving each family member’s head. I think I’d call FEMA, declare my home an emergency zone, and then move to the nearest hotel. Bedbugs can’t be as disgusting…right?
Anyway, hope you enjoy the series. Or – realistically — I hope it gives you a laugh and doesn’t make you relive the horror or retch your guts out. If it does, I apologize. Please don’t curse me with lice.

2 thoughts on “L-L-L…nope, can’t say it

  1. Fought them for 4 months several years ago. Reached the point where everyone in the family had their heads shaved, twice, only to discover that a third party kept reintroducing them to us–which was why nothing I did seemed to work. When third party was forced to get rid of them, suddenly we weren’t fighting them any more.

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