It’s been a couple of years since Mike and I ventured out to the Reuben Awards, and it was definitely due time. This year it took place in Vegas, which was both fun and decidedly tiring – more so for the time difference than anything else. Note to self: stay on your own coast unless you want to fall asleep in the NCS-sponsored buffet. (more…)

Reubens, Bones and Cling-ons…

As my family knows, I usually don’t recount our happenings verbatim in the strip (other folks’ experiences…well, that’s a different story). But once in a while, some sneak in. The “Bones” incident, for example.

A few months ago I went out during the evening while my husband watched our girls. He was sitting in the bedroom, flipping around stations, while the kids did their nighttime routines of brushing, flossing, etc.