Reubens, Bones and Cling-ons…

As my family knows, I usually don’t recount our happenings verbatim in the strip (other folks’ experiences…well, that’s a different story). But once in a while, some sneak in. The “Bones” incident, for example.

A few months ago I went out during the evening while my husband watched our girls. He was sitting in the bedroom, flipping around stations, while the kids did their nighttime routines of brushing, flossing, etc.


Too Much of a Good Thing…


I have control issues. There. I said it. In fact, I’m a bit of an obsessive/compulsive head case. Well, maybe not that bad. I don’t check five times in a row to make sure I locked the door or anything, but I’m a perfectionist and pretty orderly. I freak if my kids get below an A- on any given test, and I hate flying…for lack of control, of course. If I could compare my personality to that of anyone’s, it would be the character “Monica” from “Friends.” I even have her relentless cleaning tendencies. I stop at the competitiveness thing, though. Hey, I’m not crazy.


Crazy for Peanuts…

It’s been another long expanse of time between blog entries. I chalk it up to the summer/pre-school crazies. We went on our first real “faraway” family vacation since about…hmm, ’03? We traveled to Northern CA and had a great week spending time with relatives and sightseeing. My husband and I managed to escape on an overnight side trip to Napa as well as to the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.  For anyone who grew up idolizing the creator of Peanuts like I did (uh, is there such a thing as a cartoonist who hasn’t?), I highly recommend seeing this wonderful homage to the late great Schultz.