4 thoughts on “February 5, 2018

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your comic,but I was quite disappointed in today’s (5 Feb) with Perfectville and her gifted child. I realize that NO one appreciates a bragging parent, and perhaps that was your key objective with this comic, but I wish you had done it without making fun of the Gifted Child. You are certainly not the first, and unfortunately you won’t be the last, as it is always “open season” on Gifted children, and people who would never mock at ANY other Special Needs child, have no qualms when it comes to the Gifted who are absolutely Special Needs. Gifted is the Diagnostic term assigned to individuals based on testing scores, meaning that the individual is outside the normal distribution (usually 2+ standard deviations). By DEFINITION these individuals are not “average”. Not better, not worse, but absolutely different in neurological function. Next time, please ding the bragging parent for something other than having a gifted kid. And for the record, for parents of gifted children, finding a school that can challenge one’s child, is a real problem. A high school child who aces 400 level university classes, most probably needs more rigor than many, if not most, institutions can provide.

      • Yeah she wants to punch Perfectville not her gifted kid. I’d be thinking how much money it would cost to send a kid to an Ivy League school and be glad I won’t have that problem.

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