6 thoughts on “February 4, 2017

  1. Sure you don’t 🙂 being a man…. okay: somewhere in a parallel universe, far far away, there exist husbands/Men who stay at home to care for their kids while the women pursue their careers.
    Sorry for my awkward englisch.
    It’s a sad strip, really.

  2. In this parallel universe, the dads have to do all the housework, (since their wives refuse to help, it’s really men’s work after all!) and they’re responsible for the child care. So imagine how hard it must be if he must hold down an outside job too! While his wife comes home from work and puts her feet up and expects her dinner to be on the table for her, her clothes washed, her house clean, he has double and even triple duty. No wonder he looks so tired!

  3. People get from life what they let life give them. Alondra’s viewpoint is essentially a stereotype that has been perpetuated, if she allows this to exist in her household then that’s what she’s chosen. Being from a double military family, I’ve never seen this ever. Nor in any of my friends, except in the case where one girl had two dads. Everyone had their own s*** straight or there were consequences.

  4. The point is “Why is it still considered an aberration for women to work and have children?” really. “Working moms” are still looked down on, even though most mothers work.

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