4 thoughts on “December 12, 2017

  1. Heated store bought latkes? The only latkes worse than restaurant latkes. In our family we make the best latkes ever from scratch. We peel 10 to 20 pounds of potatoes using a powered Rotato (a manual apple peeler works, too) for our annual party and then my wife dices them and onions and adds eggs and matzo meal and uses a blender to mix them. Then we drain as much water from the Mic and we are ready. Last year I finally got to fry all by myself using 2 frying pans. Once those golden brown beauties are done they get a quick stop on a traditional brown paper grocery bag and then right onto our guest’s plate. Believe me, no latke spends more than 2 minutes between frying pan and plate. If I’m lucky I get a nibble while serving our guests (35 this year). All the while we sing Hannukah songs (Mrs Maccabeus is my favorite) and enjoy our wonderful holiday. HAPPY HANNUKAH.

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