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My eyes!!

Well, it finally happened. Granted, it happened about 5 months ago, so in this household it’s long lost history. And I can even laugh about it. What the heck am I talking about, you ask? The event that spawned this comic strip:

I’m already known for pushing the envelope in the bedroom department (in comic strip land, people), but apparently, this strip got the online community talking. I’m so past it in my own mind, it took me by total surprise. Therefore, I thought I’d relive the past and recall that —ahem— fateful morning that started it all. Sorry, sickos, no graphic details.

A Perfect Bombshell

When I first created the character, Perfectville, she was the  ubermom archetype…the envy of neighborhood mothers. Jill has had a love/hate relationship with her since the very start. But through the years, Perfectville has slowly evolved (much to my own surprise) into an actual friend of Jill’s. True, she’s always been giving and helpful — albeit up on her high horse — but lately she’s been nicer and less back-handed with the compliments.

Calling all comics fans…

Just found out you can try out Daily Ink for free for a week. Here’s the info from King Features:

Sign up for 7 days of full access with just your email address – no other personal information required. DailyINK is the all-inclusive, online subscription service for the true comics fan. Every single day online and on iPhone, iPad and Android phones, members get unlimited access to 90+ comic strips (including this one, of course), editorial cartoons and vintage classics not available anywhere else. You can also get your favorite selections by email each day.

New year, new tool

Ah, 2013. Two weeks in and already it’s been a year of major upgrades. One of my wedding ring prongs came loose and – uh oh – out came the diamond, never to be seen again. Thank heavens it was insured. Upgrade! Soon I’ll have a newer ring with industrial prongs and a new-ring sheen (I assume no new ring smell). Too bad I can’t super-size the new diamond.

Get your shopping done here

Hey everyone,

As your holiday shopping list gets longer, and your time to complete it gets shorter, here are some great, easy suggestions for the comic fans in your life:

Comic Prints

Do you have a favorite Pajama Diaries strip? Maybe a “Glossary of Terms,” a song parody, or anything that just reminds you of someone? A gallery-quality framed print of a favorite strip makes a meaningful gift. Click the “buy a print” button under the comic of your choice to start the quick process of purchasing, or click here.

Nice gets you nowhere…

I created this strip based on personal experience. That’s probably obvious. Occasionally, friends of friends will have a “great idea for a {children’s/business/niche market} book” and come calling. I’ve finally learned to say “no” (unless there’s true interest). But it’s been a long road.

Now, I have illustrated books in the past. But I was sought after professionally and paid for the work. This was also pre-syndication/pre-kids, when I had more time. You wouldn’t believe how often people still ask me to illustrate an unpublished book on the assumption that it’ll get picked up (“Then you can get paid in royalties!”). Well, I’m too old and jaded now. I’m also honest up front. I politely let people know that I simply have no time and that most manuscripts are submitted without illustrations, anyway.

Making My Own Crystal Ball

I’ve mentioned before that I work about 4-5 months ahead of my deadline. If I wanted to, I could even push it further. That’s great — fantastic, actually — in my line of work.

On the flip side, if I’m trying to keep my characters’ happenings on par with my own family, it can be challenging to create scenarios if I haven’t actually experienced them yet.

Erie Event


I’ll be speaking at Temple Anshe Hesed in Erie, PA on October 21 from 11 am-12 pm. The presentation will cover my artistic background, syndication, the Jewish aspect of the strip and its characters, and will offer up many samples for your viewing pleasure.

This event is free and open to the public. A “Pajama Diaries: Deja To-Do” book signing will follow the presentation. Hope you can make it!

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