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That moment I got a %$@# Reuben!


Well, some things are hard to top. This just may tie with my wedding and the birth of my children (but don’t tell that to my family).

It all started this past Memorial Day weekend at the National Cartoonists Society’s 70th annual Reuben Awards Ceremony, held this year in Memphis, TN. Originally, I was going to skip this year’s event and catch up on napping and Netflix, but I got “the call.” I was nominated for an NCS Reuben Award for Newspaper Comic Strip.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival, 2016


I’m really excited to be part of a wonderful panel of cartoonists at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Saturday, May 14. I hope you Northern dwellers will come to see us.

To prove how busy–and lazy–I’ve been…rather than tell you about it myself, I decided to rip off my friend Rina Piccolo’s fabulous blog post. (For her full post, complete with nice pictures, click here.) Here it is:

A little announcement…


I’m so pleased to announce that Pajama Diaries is up for a Reuben Award in the “comic strip” category. That’s a pretty big deal in the cartooning world.

Click here for a fun article about it by Michael Cavna from The Washington Post, including the complete list of nominees in each division. Good luck to all the contenders (and send me good vibes next month)!

Comin’ to MA!

Hey, New Englanders! I’ll be presenting in Framingham, MA (outside of Boston) on April 10 at 4 pm. The event is open to the public. Book signing afterward. Hope to see you there! Info below:



Terri will speak at Temple Beth Shalom, 50 Pamela Road, Framingham, MA, Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Pajama Diaries hits the big 1-0!

My apologies for the long delay between posts. If you read my last one, you’ll know why. I’m currently in the midst of illustrating my book…and wow, is it slow going. Kind of the opposite of illustrating the strip. I’d gotten a little spoiled there.

Speaking of which…

There are many giant milestones in history…civil rights…man on the moon…the internet… Yeah, this isn’t one of those. But hey, it’s still a pretty big deal for myself. Ten years of syndication! To celebrate, here’s my very first strip (also one of my more embarrassing ones in retrospect).

Big news!

I’ve been keeping this under wraps until the contract was signed, but here goes…

I am extremely thrilled to announce a book deal for my illustrated middle grade novel, “Invisible Emmie.” This is a separate project from the comic strip. “Invisible Emmie” is part of a two-book deal with HarperCollins (Balzer + Bray imprint). The book will be published in 2017, with a second book coming out in 2018.

A Valentine “Surprise”

Man, I had a lot of fun writing last week’s strips. This was a short series in which Jess discovers an old stash of Jill’s “memorabilia” from the kids’ early years.

There are no words. Well, okay, there’s one: Yuck.





In case you’re wondering, no, I have not kept my kids’ assorted body parts. Well, okay, I had a few of their baby teeth for years…but to my credit, I had forgotten about them and found ’em stashed in the bottom of a clothes drawer (gee, I wonder what sparked this story line idea). I promptly threw them away.

A post-new year update


Happy 2016 (a little belated)! It’s going to be an exciting year here at the Pajama factory, so I thought I’d kick off with a few brief teasers.

The strip will celebrate its 10-year mark in March. Accordingly, I’ll come out of hibernation and start doing some major presentations (took a brief hiatus this year), which include travel time. More to come.

Helllooo, Mama Bear!

It’s happening. Cue the ominous “Jaws” music. Amy. Is. Dating.

Sure, there are the standard jokes about the teenage girl’s dad interrogating the date and polishing his shotgun.

But what about the mom? This is her baby, too, after all.

Well, if you’re anything like Jill, first you’ll make it all about YOU.



Then, suddenly, it’ll hit you. She’s growing up. And dating legitimately. And maybe even engaging in, um… (fingers in ears) LALALALALA!

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