Buying Art:

I’ve been getting inquiries about buying original art or obtaining prints of specific Pajama Diaries strips. Please refer to the “Support the Diaries” page for more information about this.

The J Factor

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been addressing in the strip not just national holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving, but major Jewish holidays as well. This is an important (although not fundamental) aspect of PD, as the Kaplans — like my own family — have a solid Jewish foundation. I’ve been hearing from readers that it’s nice to see this diversity in the funny pages. Much appreciated! 

As my husband and I have many non-Jewish friends (and relatives), I also try to approach these holidays from the perspective of those who are not familiar with them. Most of the narrative boxes contain a short explanation of the holiday or something to that effect. And – like many themes – I try to address these holidays from a parent’s perspective.

Examples below are from December ’06 and recently from Yom Kippur, Sept ’07: 







Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

This topic doesn’t refer to any particular strip, but is just a general thanks to all those who have emailed me or posted comments to this blog. If you’ve read my bio, you already know my time is pretty limited. I find (as many of you do) that as my kids grow older and become more involved with outside activities and homework projects, time becomes even more precious. So I want folks to know that I read and value each and every comment even if I don’t get a chance to respond.  So THANKS! I really appreciate all your support!


I apologize to those who have tried to post a blog and haven’t been able to do so. A nice reader notified me about a posting error, and we’ve now resolved the problem.

Sex, Marriage, and G-d

Back in April, I wrote a comic strip series that followed Jill and Rob as they struggled to revive a sluggish sex life due to overextended schedules.This series was pretty well-received. I suppose it’s because so many busy couples can (unfortunately) relate. 

The fun yet challenging aspect of writing this series was trying to navigate around the risqué nature of the topic. I couldn’t use sexual language or “show” the couple in action, so I had to rely on light suggestiveness and innuendos.  

The funny thing is, I was so used to writing extremely suggestive greeting cards, it was hard for me to make the transition from that to the rather tame world of newspaper comics. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just something I’ve had to get used to. Back when my strip launched in ’06, I mistakenly published some rather suggestive strips in a row at the onset. Got a LOT of not-so-nice feedback. Ever since, I’ve toned it down (slightly), but I’ve also become more adept at spacing out these types of strips. Definitely a learning process. 

Here are a few samples from that series:







Here’s a quandary:  A few months ago, I received a letter from a person begging me to stop using the phrase, “Oh Lord” or “Good Lord” in my strips. To my knowledge, I’ve used it about three times (see example below).  It was suggested early on by the powers that be — in this case, the syndicate folks —  that I refrain from using the phrase, “Oh my G-d.”  That’s all fine and good, but I needed a substitute phrase that was a little more powerful than “holy cow” or “golly gee.” I noticed other cartoonists had used “Oh Lord” in their strips, and I’ve heard it on TV many times, so I thought (apparently not thinking) it was a safe bet. I can understand why this man was upset, but I’d like to know if he’s in the majority. Any thoughts?



Sometimes I’ll throw in a strip that’s based on a specific event. This one, for instance, is almost verbatim. I was going through a rough patch with my older daughter. One day I opened the mail and saw a wonderful, glowing report from her religious school teacher. It was like a 180 degree shift in outlook. Made me realize that she may “dish it out” at home, but is actually pretty well-behaved everywhere else. 


My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. I’ll be adding a post periodically. Each post will center around a few strips or strip series that I’d like to provide more detail about or a topic that I’d like to comment on. The goal of this blog is to start a dialog or to share ideas. Some of my best material, in my mind, comes from family/friends who relate personal experiences. Feel free to share your own.

Thanks for all of your support.



Every month or two, I include a strip captioned: “The New and Improved Parents’ Glossary of Terms.” These are dictionary spoofs that offer new definitions to aspects of parenting. This one stems from my bad habit of constantly asking my kids, “What happened?” after they get into an argument, thereby setting off more bickering and finger-pointing. The parenting experts would have my head. Ideas for the “Glossary of Terms” are always welcome. If I use your idea, I’ll be happy to thank you personally in the strip.



Okay, moms. I’d love to know if you’ve experienced any or all of these hairdo phases. This cartoon was inspired by the memory of my gorgeous pregnancy locks — the only thing I miss about pregnancy. The one style I bypassed is the last one (I’m still stuck in “ponytail” mode).


Terri with Farrah Hair

Check out my lush, immediate-post-baby Farah-do from '02 when the feathered look made a brief comeback — I couldn't get it to look like this as a kid in the seventies. My post-baby hair was about twice as thick as it is now. Thankfully, it diverted attention from the post-baby ass.


My comic strip tends to run on the snarky side. But once in a while I like to balance it with something positive or even sentimental. This strip deals with a subject that’s constantly on my mind: how grateful I am (knock wood) that I have two physically and emotionally healthy kids.

I’ve had close friends and family members with health issues, so this is something that I never take for granted and will probably always be paranoid about. To me, my kids’ well-being is what’s ultimately important. I’m sure every parent can relate.