It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Anything interesting happen in the past month? Yeah, okay, I’ll just move right past that.

In case you’ve been more preoccupied with the news than with the funny pages (btw, I highly recommend the comics as an antidote), 2016 was a turbulent year in the PD characters’ lives. Certainly, they’ve managed to retain their sense of humor throughout all of it. For your entertainment pleasure, here’s a little recap.

Nanci has been challenged by her son Ben’s special needs and continues to navigate this new course.

Grandma Sophie has begun to deteriorate. Her dementia is a constant concern for her family. Jill, as usual, internalizes it.

Rob started traveling for work, which presented some new challenges (and comic relief) for the Kaplan family.

Amy entered in her junior year and feels the pressure of school and upcoming college decisions.

Jess is blooming into a full-fledged teenager, which presents new emotional and, um, physical changes.

And Jill is…well, Jill. Still nutty and preoccupied as ever.

A little peek into her Magic 8 Ball: she’ll soon face some physical challenges of her own.

Stay tuned. Until then, stay strong in 2017!

2 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap. It’s good to review what’s happened in my “favorite” family’s life, as we do with our own family.

    Comics is indeed a good antidote to real life. I appreciate you’re not getting involved with current events. The issues you deal with in the strip are difficult enough to handle!

    Thanks for being an oasis of sanity, well as much as any family can be, for all of us readers. May you have an enjoyable and adventurous new year.


    • Hi Jerry, thanks so much. Yes, I try to tackle issues (social, familial, and otherwise) that are relevant, but I can’t say I really delve into politics here. I work months in advance, so the strip can only get so topical — however, I admire the ones that do.
      Thanks again for the kind words and for reading PD!

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