The P Word


Perimenopause isn’t funny.

Oh wait, actually it is.

As the saying goes, if you can’t cry, you laugh.  That’s why I’ve been writing about autism, dementia, my #$@% blood disease, and now this. First of all, it’s cathartic. Secondly, it feels good to laugh about something that essentially sucks. Thirdly, it helps to connect with others that may be going through something similar. And since half the population is female, I’m guessing most of them would relate to this topic at some point.


Fourthly — and this is a big one — I do think menopause and perimenopause are traditionally stigmatized subjects, and we really need to destigmatize them (is that a word?). So I’m taking it upon myself to open up the perimenopausal conversation on the funny pages (Yes! Look at me on my high horse!). Or vent about it, anyway.


I’ve started dealing with this crap life change in the past few years. After all, I’m fortycoughsomething, so it comes with the territory. Top it off with a blood disorder that shares some of the same symptoms, and you get one confusing hormonal stew.

What boggles my mind is this is just starting to happen. I haven’t even come close to being menopausal yet. I cannot even imagine the comedic gold that will materialize then — if I’m not too busy crying into my bed sheets to write.


In any case, if you read the strip, you know I don’t shy away from this stuff. And this stuff is funny. It really is. Night sweats (or leg sweats, stomach sweats, butt sweats…sometimes it’s weirdly specific), chin hairs (I plead the fifth on this one), and fatigue (I almost took a nap on a fallen log during one of my runs)…these are things that are so ridiculous, they’re hilarious. Well, to me anyway.


I hope you agree. ‘Cause being a woman is goddam hard.

So we might as well laugh about it.







16 thoughts on “The P Word

  1. I may be a male Terri but I love your wit, cartoons (about real life) and your courage to do what you do! I am so thrilled that you got to come to Toonfest. We all enjoyed having you and hubby😊, and hope you all come again sometime!! Keep up your excellent work and we love you!!

    • Ditto! I’m well past it all, and looking back, it wasn’t easy. But when you get to the other side, it’s great. No more PMS, no more panty stains, no more bulging purses because you have to carry stuff “just in case”. So laugh your way through as much as you can.

  2. I’ve just started this within the past 2 months, as near as I can tell, and yes, I too am at the “I’m too young!” phase… but most of my friends are younger than I am, so I’m the cautionary tale. “This will happen to YOU someday!” And no, nobody ever talked to me about it, either. I’m now asking my mom about her experiences, so I can find out what might run in the family tree.

    I am honestly just looking forward to no more hormone roller coaster. It feels so weird to know the process is finally starting.

  3. In the UK, one of our best loved comedians, Victoria Wood, mined that vein of humour so well that it left little for others to say. Certainly, stormy relationships during menopause are not taboo here but rather treated as matter of fact. Still, I hope things wok out OK for you. My wife only bit my head off 6 times a day during hers so I reckon I got off lightly.

  4. Pajama diaries is 1 of 3 comics I read first thing every morning. Terri is witty and cutting. Sometimes it makes my day. And “dirty terri” is pretty outrageous. Keep up the great work!

  5. You get it! I have flashed through peri menopause and am on the back end of menopause. OMW it sucks. Hot flashes are the worst.🔥 I keep saying I am having a serious talk with God in heaven. A baby takes 9 months, menopause should be the same in the other end. What is up with it taking years!?!??? Love your humor addressing it and aging in general. 👏🏻

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