A little announcement…



I’m so pleased to announce that Pajama Diaries is up for a Reuben Award in the “comic strip” category. That’s a pretty big deal in the cartooning world.

Click here for a fun article about it by Michael Cavna from The Washington Post, including the complete list of nominees in each division. Good luck to all the contenders (and send me good vibes next month)!





5 thoughts on “A little announcement…

  1. I don’t even like those two strips. I read Pajama Diaries every day, it’s one of my favourites. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Terri,
    I am uncomfortable with your references to drinking as a release/relief at the end if the day. Yes your audience us young moms, but do you have any idea how many pre-teens also live you? They really don’t need to hear that a mon’s best friend at the end if a trying day is a bottle of Zinfandel,
    BTW I am a feminist and liberal. Just so you know I am not a temperance kook.

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