Graphic Design Tales, part deux


Remember 2013’s Graphic Design Tales? I had so much fun writing them, I brought ’em back. If you don’t recall those strips, click here for the blog post: “My Love Letter to Freelancers.”

In the meantime enjoy a few that I’ve written for 2015 (click to enlarge):




“The Tales” arc runs for two weeks. It continues my homage to freelancers like Jill, who face a myriad of stumbling blocks in their profession…like clients. Well, not all clients certainly, but some who haven’t done their homework or ask the right questions. This makes for some very fun material, of course.

Hope you enjoy the series. And if you happen to be a freelancer or a frustrated graphic designer/illustrator/(cartoonist) who has dealt with nightmare clients, feel free to share your funny stories.

Who knows…I may use them for the next go-round.



2 thoughts on “Graphic Design Tales, part deux

  1. On behalf of graphic designers everywhere thanks for this series. I’ve had to deal with almost every one of those situations.
    You should collect them in a book – here’s your first sale!

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