Early Mother’s Day plug


For all you folks up north, The Toronto Star is selling copies of my book “Having It All” along with books by my fabulous cohorts in cartooning, Sandra Bell-Lundy (“Between Friends“), Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott (“Baby Blues“), and Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman (“Zits“).

Check out the full ad (enlarged order form to print below):



You can also order a signed copy of my book on my store page. Either way, a perfect Mother’s Day gift — snag ’em while you can!



4 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day plug

  1. And, it was because of this newspaper, the “Toronto Star”, that I first became aware of this comic strip (somewhere in around February 2013 or thereabouts), when Amy has the braces put on her teeth; and, subsequently remarks, “They hurt!”

    Have been a fan of your comic strip since then, Terri! [along with the “Toronto Star” being my favourite newspaper (of all the major dailies in Toronto)]

  2. About freaking time, can’t even get the book in any bookstore in this country, unfortunately XP.

    Been a avid reader since the Star had it printed back in 2011 (think when it was when Amy and Jill were touring the junior high school and Aim freaked out about the idea of changing during Phys Ed class). Going to order it soon the old fashioned way (’cause I’m a old guy ;)). Thanks for having the handy-dandy clip-out order form, Ms. Libenson (didn’t think that existed anymore in the Star).

    PS: When you first announced that PJ Diaries was now in the Star, you fretted in a blog post about showing the “racier” strips (the one where Jess pulled down Jill’s top and revealing her bra in public). Not to worry, we Canadians are a hearty and sporting lot (and we’ve seen worse ;3).

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