So not every strip I write makes it to print. Each month, I write for about a week straight, with the goal of accumulating 45-50 strips. I then edit carefully, narrowing them down to the 30 or so funniest or most pertinent ones. These get published for a particular month (for example, I just wrote my December comics).

Once in a while, I write one that I like, but it might cross the line. Don’t get me wrong — some cross the line and I still publish them. But others might be, well, too disgusting for someone’s morning coffee and comics ritual.

Here’s a rough cartoon from the December batch that I particularly like. Unfortunately, my editor and I decided it crossed the “gross-out” line. Fortunately, it’s not too gross to stick up on my much-less-censored blog. So enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re eating in front of the computer screen…sorry.



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