My love letter to freelancers


Let me preface by saying, “I’ve been there.” Not to the extent that these poor, talented designers have been, but I’ve had a good taste of it. Some of these comic strip ideas I’ve referenced, some I’ve experienced. And as I’ve heard more and more…some of you have been there, too…a LOT.

The graphic design/illustration/advertising freelance biz can be rewarding. It can also be a nightmare. I’m still amazed by the scamming, finagling, and general ignorance of some of the clients. Of course, most people are fair and courteous. But the bad stuff happens enough that it presents itself as…well…comic material.

Goodness knows I do enough parent-related strips, so this series, of course, was a nice break. I’m sure there’s enough material to do more in the future. For now, I think I got it out of my system.

In the meantime, clientele, do your designers a favor. Remember that they, too, need to make a living and don’t do anything for free — including illustrating that children’s book your sister-in-law just wrote. Okay? Please?




5 thoughts on “My love letter to freelancers

  1. I would love to find a copy of your strip regarding the holocaust from April 10,2010 that I can bring to my committee for Yom Ha Shoah and see if pertinent for a future starting point for next years program.We are in york Pa. and this might be appropriate for out needs.

  2. Scary thing is, I swear I’ve had EVERY one of these conversations. Scarier, my art teacher warned us these situations would happen. My favorite was I was doing a brochure for a program at the college I worked at and someone kicked up a fit cause there apparently wasn’t enough ethnicity in the photos I chose. I’m an artist, I don’t look at skin color, I look at the quality of the picture! Does this one have too much clutter in the background, does that one have better lighting, etc. The client came in to approve the photos to use and said, “That one’s ok cause their gear covers everything, so you can’t tell one way or another. Same with this one over here…” (pointing at a picture of a Caucasian woman with blonde hair that I don’t know from Eve) “This one is fine cause she’s Russian!” How any random person would know that just looking at the picture, I have no idea. My boss nearly choked trying not to laugh until she had left the room. Thank you Terri! Love the strip!

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