Lately, you may have noticed a certain theme cropping up in the strip. If you’re wondering whether I’m going through similar drama in my own household, the answer is a big fat SORTA.

I’ve been waiting literally years to write about the process of planning a Bat Mitzvah. It’s an obvious rite of passage for this Jewish cartoon family – not only for Amy, but for anal-retentive, neurotic Jill. Other train-wreck scenarios: monetary conflict for the parents, a learning struggle for Amy, and a left-out sibling, Jess. A wealth of material….and my family’s living it!


I write about 4-5 months ahead, so I’m predicting a lot. I’m also taking a few creative liberties (think Perfectville as the party planner). Still, it’s remarkably on-track. My own daughter is already nervous, and her mitzvah is still a year away. My husband and I have been scouring the city for a venue, DJ, and photographer (and trying sooo hard not to turn this into a wedding-like event). Meanwhile, we already got the date for my younger daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in 2015. Help!


If you have a few Bar/t Mitzvah stories of your own that you’d like to get off your chest (which could possibly be turned into comic fodder), send me some. I accept ideas, stories, and free counseling.


4 thoughts on “Bat-zilla…

  1. Dear Terri,

    We too are going through the Bat-zilla, we went to a Bar/t palooza, very over welming. In our situation we were waiting to get a date for our daughter’s Bat Mitzah,(11 1/2) we still need to talk to the Rabbi. Why you ask, the synog. building is in 1 city and moving to our town and we were waiting for it to be sold,it fianlly sold, yea!! but now we have to wait till the new one is built It could take a year and nothing finishes on time. Daughter’s birthday is in August so we would have to do in at the end of June or Sept. (too many Jewish holidays or there is labor day)Now this would be funny in your strip as we also have the problem of overly religious family, my sister that keeps shabbat to a “T” walk, ride etc.and has 9 children, So if I have the event on Sat. morning where are they going to sleep??(hotels are too far to walk), in the shul, I have to ask the Rabbi. She will probaby say no. I will have to order food for them as I am not sure if regular kosher food is ok. Then the orthordox family if they come from Israel(husband’s brother and family w/5kids) come will they stay in the shul too?? Oh yea then there is my 78yr old mom on waterpills, oy vey.. Where is the wine and the M&M’s?? Then daughter is bugging me about the “theme”. When I was a kid there was no theme. Girls did their Bat Mitzvah on a Friday night and had a backyard party….

    My sister is also insisting that Daughter’s bat mitzvah is at age 12 not 13,because that is what she does.I don’t care if she is 12 or 13 as long as I get a date.. So I don’t know if any of this is use able to you, if so be my guest. I just want to nail down a date. Is there a way to keep this private? Keep your Bat Mitzvah comic strips coming as I enjoy them very much!!..

    Thanks for listening, time for a math probem.


  2. I’m really enjoying this story line, as my daughter also will have her bat mitzvah in May 2013. I’ve gone through this once before, and your strips have hit the mark.

    Here are two ideas that I think you could mine for the comic. (1) Getting a 12-year-old girl to pin down her list of friends to be invited as guests. “Friend,” in my experience, is an ever-fluctuating term in middle school. (2) Having a 12-year-old take on a “mitzvah project.” Being a Type A person myself, I can’t imagine your character Jill not wanting to micro-manage it.

    Best of luck with the comic strip, and your daughter’s event.

  3. Thanks, Judy and A.J. Both of these are gold mines for ideas. I’ll file them. Much appreciated!


    (PS Good luck, Judy, I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end)

  4. I don’t even know where to begin. I think the best place to begin is the fact that my Mormon boss told be about your great comic strip because he heard me discussing my own Bat Zillah experience with an acquaintance. He told me the only reason he knew what I was talking about was because he reads your comic.

    I am in the recovery phase after planning my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah here in Salt Lake City, Utah. My family are long established congregants at the Reform/Conservative combined Synagogue here and my husband is an immigrant from Iran. So, a Jew and a Muslim (gone Atheist) planned a Bat Mitzvah in Utah. It was actually incredible!!! Thought you would get a kick out of our story, at least the headline.
    – Lisa

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