My poor, poor husband. He’s surrounded by estrogen. I once jokingly mentioned that when the girls are surly teens, I’ll be on my way to menopause. He craughed (that’s cry-laughed). Then he muttered something about taking a traveling consulting job.

We sporadically deal with a tidal wave of hormones gushing from our older kid. Warning to parents of very young daughters: this starts early. Even a switch to organic, non-hormonal milk hasn’t made a difference.

Now I’m not saying my daughter is a constantly erupting volcano. Most of the time she’s quite pleasant (sibling rivalry aside). In fact, I’d say this year she’s mellowed. But those hormones can sneak up without warning, catching us off guard in the most innocuous situations (much like Vesuvius). And pair that with a low blood sugar episode…well, I usually make like the wind.


To put things in perspective, she’s not the only one with the hormones (see above). I just need to hearken back to those college years when my roommates and I shared “cycles.” Those were not pretty times. But we still got through them, friendships intact. Hopefully our family will make it through the coming years much the same way.

If not…well, at least we girls have separate bedrooms.


3 thoughts on “HORMONES!

  1. I swear my 9-year old is going through this. Why does it start so young??? Anyway, thanks for the laugh. I can really relate to “Planet Bleep!”

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